1/5/14 Change is the Only Constant

Including one’s perception of things. I recently noticed this was tootin around the world wide web:

There is a saying… “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” Lao Tzu.

and it struck me as being some pretty logical advice, but I wondered how much it had been distorted thru translation. So I went to look up any older, more authentic phrasing that was closer to what Lao Tzu actually said, and well, he never said it. Thank you Ian Chadwick.


It is sad when great dead people are misquoted. Did people forget about RESPECTING THE DEAD? It’s a given, respect the dead. I wonder to myself what Lou Reed thinks of that new Playstation 4 commercial using his song, Perfect Day. I wonder too, who is getting the money for that? I’m pretty sure Lou Reed would never ever want his song used in that manner. Lou Reed hated anyone who rode his tails.

But Lao Tzu probably doesn’t hate folks for misuse of his work. I’m sure he thinks it serves some good in bringing people to the true wisdom of the Tao. Here is quote that Mr. Chadwick picked out from Tao De Ching, which I’d like to share with you now.


Dwelling with the right location

Feeling with great depth

Giving with great kindness

Speaking with great integrity

Governing with great administration

Handling with great capability

Moving with great timing

Because it does not contend

It is therefore beyond reproach

Moving with great timing. I think the assumption here is that if all the above are happening, then moving with great timing, will ensue. You ever have those days? When you feel like you are in tune with the most important things going on at any given moment… and you find a parking spot right where you’re going, and someone texts you right as you were texting them, and you got out of the shower just before a phone call from your doctor saying your appt needs to be earlier, and you have the perfect amount time to get dressed and make it there. Stuff like that. And then you wonder what the hell you are doing WRONG when you have a day where the opposite happens. That’s a nut I haven’t cracked yet.

Image Divine timing, so illusive.

Goddess Manshen says “Once you have accepted your destiny, nothing can alter it unless time flows backwards, snow falls in the spring, and the dead come back to life.” But then later explains that the promises between gods and humans are fragile like the normal ones.

Well, til I find myself here with you again, know that there are no guarantees in life.

Today’s Link: www.crvp.org/book/Series03/III-11/chapter_xx.htm

Picture from: http://clduncan75.com/tag/reality/


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